Create A Special Gift

Create a unique and personal gift by converting those cherished family and vacation snapshots into an interactive DVD with music. DVD picture slideshows virtually bring your photos to life with visual motion, special messages special effects and captions (optional).

DVD Picture Slideshows Are Also Perfect For :

Any of your images can be transformed into a unique and personal DVD slideshow. You may select transitions, chapters, titles, zoom in action and special effects and even the the type of music you would like played with the slideshow. Our slideshows are perfect for at home viewing or entertaining guests at a host of events.


Why a DVD Slideshow Rather Than Just Put Your Photos In a Scrapbook?

DVD Slideshows virtually bring your photos to life with visual motion and animation all set to inspiring music that touches emotions. DVD Slideshows can also be shared with your friends and loved ones.

What to Do First:

    1. Select your project theme and title.
    2. Next, select your photos. Try to provide the best quality photos you have. Fuzzy or out of focus photos will still look fuzzy and out of focus on your DVD. Of course, with older photos the quality may not be the very best, but we will do our best to enhance old photos as much as possible.
    3. Select the order you would like your photos to appear.
    4. Select your special message for the credits page, and your captions.
    5. Select your music. You can provide us with your own music, or we can incorporate your choice of music for you.

*(We can create our DVD's on +R's or -R's. We generally use +R's. If you know your DVD player will not play +R's, we can create your DVD on a -R.)

All music is subject to Copyright © therefore, the music set to your video is strictly for your personal use and enjoyment. (Without proper permission your video cannot be sold or copied.)


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